Talent Agency for Kids – Casting Calls and Auditions

To obtain an audition, we invite you to submit the following form .

Immediately after submitting the form, you will receive choices of dates to our auditions.  

Subsequent to your choice of date, you will receive the information for the audition.

The audition of selection is free and do not commit you to anything.

At Kiwi Talent Agency , our team of experts has demonstrated a solid experience in managing and coaching child actors and their parents for over a decade.

We represent actors who have participated in various television shows such as: Virginie, Tactik, Kaboum, Les Parent, Yamaska, etc. while other children also participated in several movies and TV commercials such as: The year Dolly Parton was my mom, Immortals, Brothers, 1981, Les pieds dans le vide, Home Depot, Walmart, Uniprix, Jean Coutu, McDonalds, What do you want ?, Health Canada. Other children took part in music videos with singers:  Garou, Karkwa, Sam Roberts, etc.

Why would I register my kid in an talent agency?

The role of an agent is still essential because they provide artists to casting agencies and productions, negotiate multiples technical aspects of the obtained contracts, advise children in their career and, above all, be there for the children and their parents when needed.

Fees for representation

Annual fees for artistic representation are to be paid by two payments of 487,10$ (+tax); a first payment on the day of the registration and the second postdated for the month after. For retribution of services, Kiwi Talent Agency take a cut of 15% on professional contracts obtained.

Auditions and contracts – Exclusive representation- Availability

No audition and no work employment are guaranteed by Kiwi Talent Agency. Our role is to suggest your child to producers et directors and to guide you during auditions and shootings in and around of Montreal , Quebec. By registering your child to our services, you devolve his EXCLUSIVE representation to us to avoid schedule conflicts. You must keep you schedule open and flexible for meetings with directors, auditions and shootings.

Your kid desire to become an actor and wants to participate in professional auditions?

All year long, the Kiwi Talent Agency team hold auditions for young talents. With the help of a vast repertoire of young talents, we answer to multiple demands every day coming from casting agencies, producers and directors. In addition to cinematographic and televisual projects, Kiwi’s young entertainers are also participating in dubbing projects, singing, dancing and a lot more. Moreover, in the Québec arts scene, the casting field is full of wonderful projects and opportunities.  Specialized in the artistic representation of children and adolescents between the age of 3 to 21 years old, Kiwi Talent Agency works in collaboration with UDA Montreal and ACTRA.

Movies and short films

Here are some cinematographic projects in the making; A life Begins, Les pieds dans le vide, Polytechnique, July first, Un été sans point ni coup sûr, 1981, Daniel and the superdogs, Le piège d’Issoudun, Sum of all fears, La mystérieuse Mlle C., Thriller, C.R.A.Z.Y., Moving, Ivane, Mechanical World, Les Grands, Voir, Le journal d’Aurélie Laflamme, Dédé à travers les brumes, Les Dangereux, Annie Brocoli: les fonds marins, Indian Befawa, Sous la Glace, La Leçon, L’Effet secondaire, Rien à déclarer, Dans une galaxie près de chez vous, Le vieil homme et la mer, Le Guide de la petite vengeance, Le réveil de l’ogre, Coeur battant, Jules Tempête.

Series and videoclips

Les Parent, Tactik, Sam Chicotte, Le Club des doigts croisés, Kaboum, Destinées, Yamaska, Mirador, Active-toi, Virginie, L’Auberge du chien noir, Comme par magie, Le Broco Show, La Galère, Roxy, La Promesse, Providence, Un tueur si proche, J’ai frôlé la mort, Ramdam, Watatatow, Croque-Monsieurs, La Rupture, Les super mamies, 3x rien, Les étoiles filantes, Bye Bye 2003, Métropolis, Tribu.com, Becs et museaux, AYOYE, Kif-kif, Vice caché, Fortier, Les Bougons, and we have videoclips from Marie-Chantal Toupin, Veronic Dicaire, Isabelle Boulay, Garou, Longue distance, Marie-Mai, Karkwa et de La patère rose,1987 .

Publicities and photographs

IKEA, La famille sans fumée, Home Dépôt, Le Lait, Jean-Coutu, L’École du show-business, Arctic Garden, Santé Canada, Oh!Henry, McDonald’s, Roger At&t, Élection Canada, Les pommes du Québec, McCain, Glad, Kinder surprise, Peugeot, Les producteurs de lait du Québec, L’Ordre des Infirmières et Infirmiers du Québec, Uniprix, Métro Montréal , Bouchés Hop et Go, Yop, Vrak.tv, SAAQ, Bons d’épargnes du Canada, Canadian Tire, Dr Clown, Petit Larousse, Dimpetapp, Energy star, Pepsi, Reithmans, Canal vie, Sprite, Ministère des finances, L’Aubainerie, Ministère de l’éducation du Québec, Centre des sciences de Montréal, MSSS, Yoplait, Subway, Zellers, Punch, AOL, Investors, Rossy, etc.

Voices, narrations and corporative projects

La Fondation du Père Sablon, Le Grand défi Pierre Lavoie, McDonald’s, Magillusion, Association des allergies alimentaires, Zitromax, Syndicats du Québec, Homo-sapiens, dvd éducatifs, Les mains (CLSC), Skittlers, Vrak.tv Montreal, Canal vie : La drogue à l’école, spectacles de Martin Matte, Opération Enfants Soleil, runways, shows for Badoom children, and of a lot of dubbing projects in movies and voice overprint and in other fields.

How to explain the agent’s success?

The success of Kiwi Talent Agency’s agents resides in the passion and joy of representing young talents! The cinematographic and television industry are mostly seen as a fun hobby or even as a unique experience for the kids and teens of the metropolitan area. The process of selection in the Kiwi Talent Agency includes an audition where the child would show off his talents and his passion to act. This step allows us to evaluate if the acting comes naturally.

What we mean by a “coaching” session…

In the casting world, a coaching session is generally one or more meetings to globally improve the actor’s play. The key to success is to well-prepare your kids BEFORE an audition!

The coaching

Coaching can help with simultaneous objectives. It can be helpful to become more comfortable with the camera during the first auditions, it can also prepare the comedian in the eventual first face to face with the camera and with the crew. Sometimes, the first time on set can be intimidating for a starting artist.

During a coaching session, they make sure if the artist has learned his text well and the whereabouts of the scene in the play, double-check the performance and correct the artist, if needed. For the more experimented artist, coaching is principally to equip him furthermore to polish his performance: to deepen his play, to guide him into emerging his emotions or rhythm; to develop his character; to find his character’s gesture; and help him act his scene in an original way.

What about the coach?

The coach is a professional who knows the requirements of the work field and how to perfectly train actors. He or she has the abilities and skills required to train or guide a comedian into the professional market. He will assess and evaluate the young comedian and propose a plan to develop gradually, but significantly, his qualifications as an actor. Although, even with the help of your parents or friends to assimilate your lines, you will not perform the same way ass if you had practiced with a professional coach.  An unprepared audition can affect the performance of the comedian and leave him hesitant, even afraid, about his future projects. The abilities you will conquer after the formation given a coach will be a plus in his acting game. He’ll wind up with a large set of techniques and knowledge and have high self-esteem, even though he might not win every time. This self-esteem will assure him to learn how to deal with success and his defeats.